2015 Lent Reflection – Holy Thursday, 2 April

2 april lent reflec 2


Today we begin another Triduum – we will be invited to witness and celebrate the the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, in a personal and communal way.

The Triduum  is filled with much symbolism Рsymbolic actions and gestures which invite us to experience in a real and transforming way the Paschal Mystery.

The Washing of the Feet is one such gesture – it is done in imitation of Christ and is a truly moving experience for both the priest and the people.

This gesture is a wonderful example of how our lives can be immensely transformed by both the words and example of Jesus. And while the physical washing of the feet takes place only once a year – the message of love and service that it contains, should be lived and celebrated daily.

As we witness this act today we could ask ourselves: Am I imitating Jesus in acts of humble service. Where in my life do I still need to follow the example of Jesus – in my loving, serving, trusting… my forgiving, sacrificing, obeying… In my dying and rising again?

I pray that the rich symbolism of the Triduum may help us experience the immense love and power of our God offered to us so beautifully through Jesus Christ and the Church. Amen

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