2015 Lent Reflection – Monday 30 March

30 march lent reflec 2


I, the Lord, have called you to serve the cause of right.

There is a deep desire within us to live a meaningful and purposeful life. We are all searching for fulfillment. So many people are doing really well in their work and social life – and yet they still long for something more.

That deeper yearning that eats at us and leaves us feeling unfulfilled has everything to do with our spirituality – our relationship with God as we strive to juggle our way through life.

The prophet Isaiah speaks to this deeper yearning and the essential components of a healthy spirituality. Firstly, an awareness that we have been endowed with the spirit of the Lord. Secondly, it is essential that there be a justice component to our faith. Thirdly, our living should be tempered – nothing over the top, rather all should be steady and consistent. And finally, a belief that each of us has been CALLED, by God, to serve a cause that is right.

Jesus believed this, in many ways it is what kept him focussed, especially during the difficult periods of his life – he believed it was his calling to be a light to the nations, to open the eyes of the blind, to liberate captives and to be a sign of God’s covenant (indeed he is the covenant).

What is your calling – your God given purpose…? Therein lies your meaning, your fulfillment.


God, as I celebrate another Holy Week – another Easter, as I witness a life well lived – a life of meaning and fulfillment. I pray that the cause that YOU have called me to serve, may become clearer to me. Guide me Lord in your love and please bring meaning and fulfillment in my life. Amen

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