51st Eucharistic Congress

51 Eucharistic Conference1

The Eucharist: Source and Goal of the Churches’ Mission

In this great event at which, through the experiences of celebration, teaching, and fellowship, the Church all over the world will be reminded that the Eucharist is the “source and summit” of her life and action.

The theme: “Christ in You, our Hope of Glory. The Eucharist, Source and Goal of Mission” is meant to highlight the interconnectedness between Eucharist, Mission, and Christian Hope. Today there is a shortage of hope in the world perhaps as never before. Thus humankind needs to hear the message of our hope in Christ Jesus.

The 51st Eucharistic Congress is envisioned to provide participants with opportunities for experiencing and understanding the Eucharist as a transforming encounter with the Lord in his word and in his life-giving sacrice of himself.

This international gathering holds the promise of generating a more courageous and decisive carrying out of the Christian mission in the world and in society that are becoming more and more indierent and hostile to the faith and to the values of the Gospel.

Catechesis will include:

“The Christian Virtue of hope” Fr. Timothy Radclie, OP.
“Hope in a Secularizing World” Fr. Francis Molonely, SDB
“The Eucharist: Celebration of the Paschal Mystery” Fr. Robert Barron
“The Eucharist makes the Church, Church makes the Eucharist” Cardinal Quevedo.
“The Eucharist as Mission, Mission as Dialogue” Rev. Thomas Menamparampil SDB.
“The Eucharist and the Dialogue with Cultures” Cardinal Tagle
“The Eucharist and Mary” Cardinal Dolan

For more information & full itinerary and costing contact:

Bishop Jan De Groef: jdegroef@yahoo.ie
Fr Grant Emmanuel: Gemmanuel@sacbc.org.za 083 788 2468
Michelle Jardim: michelle@micasatours.co.za 012 342 7917

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