ACTS Invites You to ANC

ACTS Members Northern Gauteng

To : ACTS Provincial and Branch Chaplains

Subject : 24th Annual Nation Conference

From : National Executive Council 2016/17

Humble greetings,

The NEC 2016/17 cordially invites all the provincial and branch Chaplains of the Association of Catholic Tertiary Students (ACTS), to the 24th Annual National Conference (which shall be abbreviated as the ANC henceforward) that will be held at North West (Mahikeng-St Joseph’s Pastoral Centre). In the said conference, the primary focus will be on enhancing and developing the association as a living and believing community being challenged to respond to the signs of the timesin the South African context as far as transformation in Higher Education sector is concerned. Furthermore, the programme shall cover, inter alia, academic dialogues, social lives of students, spiritual growth, etc.


The main objectives of the Annual National Conference’17;

i. Have a ‘final draft’ of the National Constitution which shall be sent to the Bishops for authorisation.

ii. Ensuring an active participation on issues of constant dynamic change in societies.

iii. Discussing matters pertaining to Catholic students (Both national and international students) in Higher Learning and Training sectors and also offer suggestions as solutions

iv. Promoting a dialogue towards a healthier society by designing frameworks and curriculum development through forums and networking.

v. Promoting Faith, ACTion and education developmental strategies.


Details of the Annual National Conference’17 are as follows;

Date : 26th June-1st July 2017 (Monday to Saturday)

Venue : St. Joseph’s Pastoral Centre at Mahikeng (North West)

Registration Fee : R 1 400-00 per member.


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