April: Reflection Four


Conversion is the beginning. But it is enough to make a person realize that he has been snatched from sin, and is being led into the mystery of God’s love, who invites him to establish a personal relationship with him in Christ (Ad Gentes 13).

Read the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10.

Read and reflect on the story.

Peter is a business man. Ever since he was a little boy he had been focused on doing business with his mates. At school he would bargain his lunch for a pencil or pen. At high school he would sell sweets and lunch bars to his classmates. Eventually he left school at Grade Ten and went to work for his uncle in a small corner café. After three years he had saved enough money to buy his own little store and from then with hard work he ended up with a very large lorry and he began a delivery business. With hard work again he expanded his transport business until by the time he got married he had twenty lorries on the road. There were not enough hours in the day not days in the week. He worked every day and weekends.

 His children, three of them, saw him at odd times. He left early and came home late. Then one day in the middle of a meeting he got a phone call to say that his little daughter had been knocked down by a car and killed coming out of school. He got a shock. He was overcome with grief as he realized how little he knew about his little girl. It suddenly hit him that he had neglected his family and he started to cry. He left the meeting and went to his office and tried to pray but he got stuck after he started to say “Our Father” and realized he could not remember the words. He fell on his knees and moaned. “My God what have I done”. This was a moment of grace for Peter. He saw in a flash, how he had to change his life.

Questions for reflection and action.

Did Peter do anything wrong?

What was Peter’s priority in life?

Do you recall anyone else in the New Testament who had a similar experience?

What do you think happened to Peter afterwards?

What should a person’s priorities be in their family? Are you too busy rushing around neglecting your family and friends?

Are you too busy to pray?

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