Bishops Wish Matriculants Well.


We as the Catholic Church would like to convey our best wishes to all  learners who will be sitting for Matric examinations.  It is a stressful time for most of them since it marks a benchmark in any South African’s academic life.  They are under much pressure from the examination preparation but more so from the expectations of parents, guardians and the community at large.  We ask them to relax and have enough rest in order to be alert for the writing.

We would like to thank all the educators who have given so much of their time to prepare the learners.  Some of them gave extra lessons over weekends.  This is extremely laudable and should be emulated by all in the teaching profession.

We request families to continue to support the learners.  May those who pass be strengthened in the new life at tertiary level.  May those who do not pass embrace their situation as an opportunity to improve their efforts.

We sincerely pray that the whole community will congratulate those who pass and support those who will not make it.


Archbishop William Slattery


Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference

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