Book Review: Streams of contentment – Robert J Wicks

Lessons I Learned on My Uncle’s Farm
Author: Robert J. Wicks

With characteristic charm and insight, Wicks offers a simple prescription for finding contentment: have low expectations and high hopes, recognize that a little silence and solitude is no small thing, and discover the surprising power of humility. He also includes thirty brief reflections and simple practices for discovering contentment. In fifteen poignant, sometimes humorous, and always instructive lessons, Wicks builds on the insights first developed in Riding the Dragon to demonstrate how contentment is found through simplicity, gratitude, and compassion.

A delightfully blueprint for developing and polishing our personally into the beautiful person we were intended to be, and in the process prepare ourselves, no matter who we are, or how insignificant we may think we are, to make a difference in this world just by being our unique and beautiful self. Joseph F. Girzone

•  2011

•  224 pages

•  Price: R195.00

Please note that the price may change without notice.


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