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Lengwalo la bodiši la Babishopo ba Borwa bja Afrika go Phuthego tša Makhatholiki le batho ka moka ba lokilego…

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         Bishop A. Gabuza Thapelo ya rena ke gore dikgetho tše di re šutetše kgauswana le mohuta wa setšhaba seo Modimo a re kganyogelago sona le gore Modimo a re fe baetapele bao ba tlago thuša go aga setšhaba se se bjalo, “ka go gopola dikgaugelo tša Modimo, a go mphsafatša ga megopolo ya lena more »

A Pastoral Letter Of The Catholic Bishops Of Southern Africa To The Catholic Community And People Of Goodwill (English Version)

Posted by on June 28, 2016 at 11:00 am

People aught to seek public office in order to serve people and promote the common good…we call on those who aspire to leadership to ensure that our municipal districts are governed by principles of ethical leadership, we urge them to exercise power with honesty and accountability to the poor and the most vulnerable. 

DCC And SACBC Invites You To Prayer Service For Peace….

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SACBC Slams Pre-Election Violence…

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Bishop A. Gabuza http://www.sacbc.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/SACBC-Justice-and-Peace-Commission-slams-pre-election-violence-2.pdf  

Church and Home Affairs on immigrants and refugees

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SACBC, Department of Social Action and Department of Home Affairs join hands to solve the challenges surrounding Immigrants and Refugees Read More…