Catholic Bishops Approve Cause for Beatification for Sr Reinolda May of Ngome

Sr Reinolda May 

The Southern Africa Catholic Bishops’ Conference has approved the process of the cause for Beatification of Sr Reinolda May at their meeting in Mariannhill in August 2018…..

Sr Reinolda worked in the diocese of Eshowe for 40 years and was renowned for her holiness, prayerfulness and total dedication as a nurse. She was born in Germany in 1901 and died at Inkamana Abbey, Vryheid in 1981.

With the approval of the SACBC the diocese of Eshowe will now request Pope Francis and the Vatican to examine the life of Sr Reinolda in the hope of declaring her a saint.

Sr Reinolda worked for 38 years as midwife and tutor of generations of nurses. All who knew her spoke of her gentleness and her total dedication to women giving birth. One of the witnesses whom it is hoped will give evidence is King Zwelithini whom Sister Reinolda assisted into the world at his birth.

Sr Reinolda is renowned as the visionary who was led by the Blessed Virgin Mary to establish a Shrine at Ngome. Around 50 000 people who go there for pilgrimage each year like to visit the grave of Sr Reinolda at Inkamana Monastery, just outside of Vryheid. Great numbers of people have found Ngome a place of peace, reconciliation with God and recovery of their faith.

For more information contact: Archbishop Willian Slattery OFM – 0834685473

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