Catholic Church Renews Her Commitment to Serve the Victims of AIDS

SACBC Staff during the celebration of World AIDS Day

During her speech to commemorate World AIDS Day, addressed to the Southern Africa Catholic Bishops’ Conference staff, Ms Mrudula Smithson, the SACBC Director of Aids Office, said that hundreds of thousands of HIV infected people are being diagnosed around the world.

Mr Smithson said that in order stop more infections to take place there is a need to create more awareness against AIDS in our society. She said that this the responsibility of everybody. “World AIDS Day is a global event each year on December 1st to call attention to the effort to eliminate HIV/AIDS”, she reiterated. She emphasised that to stop more infections is a common responsibility.

Mr Smithson laid down before the whole SACBC Staff that the goal of the office is to make sure that during the upcoming year of 2018 about 40.000 children should have access to the HIV testing and to make sure that those who have been diagnosed receive properly their treatment.

Mr Smithson concluded by saying that in order to achieve this initiative of fighting against HIV/AIDS there is a need always to invoke the divine intervention and guidance. She said that without placing God at the centre of their initiatives they won’t succeed.

In continuation, Sr Hermenegild Makoro, the SACBC Secretary General, who was also present for the celebration, said that the Catholic Church has been in the forefront responding to the problem of HIV/AIDS. She said that as early as the year 2000, even before the government of South Africa could do something to address the problem of HIV/AIDS, we saw the Catholic Church fully going out to fight the pandemic and taking a good care of those infected and affected.

Sr Makoro said that since the Catholic Church started addressing the problem of HIV/AIDS, it never stopped until today and many have benefited from the programs run by the church and the care the Church has been giving to the victims of the pandemic.

Sr Makoro ended her address by thanking all the staff of AIDS office who have been very committed to make sure that the problem of HIV/AIDS comes to an end. She also acknowledged that addressing the problem is not an easy task but the commitment of the staff on behalf of the church has been always wonderful.

Sr Hermenegild encouraged all SACBC staff to take care of themselves as they continue to do a good work for the Church. She said as much as people commit themselves in slimming programs they need as well to live a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid the possibility of contracting different diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

By Fr Paul Tatu (SACBC Communication and Media Office):, 0123236458

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