Centenary of Abbot Pfanner

Abbot Francis

The Catholic Church in South Africa celebrated the 24th of May 2009 the centenary of the death of Abbot Francis Pfanner the Founder of the Missionaries of Mariannhill. Numerous bishops, priests and religious attended the event in Mariannhill, in presence of the Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, Archbishop of Durban.

The same day, in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI remebered Abbot Pfanner: “Let us take a word along for the new week from this monk and missionary: ‘Let the Light of Joy and Cheerfulness burn and keep it in your heart.’ Yes, let us take care that this light of Christ be not extinguished in us!” Abbot Francis Pfanner died as resigned Abbot of Mariannhill at the Mission Station Emaus near Umzimkulu on  the 24th May 1909. Here are some pictures of the Centenary celebration in Mariannhill (© Fr Bernard Gathu).

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