Come and Share Experiences: SACBC Communication Workshop is Meant for You…

One may ask why there is such a big emphasis on the importance of Communication in spreading the Good News in the world of Today? It takes one’s courage to break the walls of fear, immerse himself into the different pools of communication in the world of digital technology, so as to understand the unavoidable reality of the power of the impact of Communication in all spheres of the changing world. 

In the past the transmission of the knowledge of faith was very important than understanding what is being transmitted.  In the world of today, as much as it is important to know one’s faith it is equally important to understand it so that it becomes the transformative element of one’s life for main purpose of our human life, ‘to know God better and love Him.’  In order to achieve this purpose effectively we have to understand the main objectives of communication of which one of them is the sharing of the learnt facts and ideas effectively so as produce the desired impact to the targeted audience.

The heart of the transmission of Christian faith does not depend on the forceful intelligence of the one who is taking out the message to others but the credibility of the same message in the life of the source.  In order to make an effective impact of faith in the life of the receivers of the Christ’s message, the audience as the receivers of the message should experience the same faith in the life of the source of the message.  This takes me to this conviction that in the matters of faith one cannot communicate in an effective way something that one does not have and what he cannot learn from the receivers of his communication. It is very important that the message that is being conveyed is part of the conveyer and that is self communication before being others’ communication.

Communication of Good News is not simply an arousing of interest on the life of Christ but it is helping the people of God to undergo the same experience of faith so that they are able to voluntarily adopt it without choice as a the best way of life; in this way shaping them to be Christ like.  Faith cannot be deposited in the life of a person like depositing some bank notes on the ATM. Ideas can not be forced in to the life of a person; hence the ideas about our faith, but they are properly and slowly shaped into one’s life through proper interaction of sharing the experiences with a person.  Meanings that are meant to be attained are created in one’s life through the process of sharing of experiences.

In the technological world of today one may be biased to understand communication as all about social media.  In actual fact Social Media Communication has caused a lot of confusion to the extent that the true identity of communication is so much compromised.  Social Media, as one of the channels of communication, has terribly influenced us so to know so much about others but in reality not knowing them. Most of the people, because of Social Media, are like a blind person in the gospels who after Jesus had taken away his blindness still could not see properly the people surrounding him.  He saw the moving trees instead of people.  The negative side of the impact of social media has caused the same misfortune in our life.  People surrounding us have become like mere trees.  They can be hardly seen in spite of being so close to us. Social media has stolen most of our attention to of focusing on the wonders that God has made.

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