Finding God in Addiction. A Pastoral Response to Addiction and Recovery

Winter Living Theology 2017

I write to you with details of Winter Living Theology 2017 (WLT). This year we welcome Fr Thomas Weston SJ from the USA-West Province. The title of the series this year is “Finding God in Addiction. A Pastoral response to addiction and recovery”.

Addiction comes in many forms – alcohol, drugs, porn, gambling etc. – so Fr Weston will offer some insight into the dynamics involved and how we might respond pastorally to addicts. He will explore, in the series, topics like ‘The gift of desperation – crisis, emergency and reaching out for help’, ‘A brief history of recovery movements’, ‘One addict helping another’, ‘Cleaning up the mess’, ‘Progress not perfection’ and ‘The love of God and addicts’.

Fr Weston is himself a recovered alcoholic. He has been sober for 40 years and has been involved in 12-step programs as well as giving retreats and workshops. He believes, from experience, that addiction can be overcome with the assistance of others and the help of God’s grace. He designed the series for those who struggle with addiction, their family and friends as well as those who are involved in responding pastorally to addicts. We know that addiction is a growing social problem, especially amongst our young people, in South Africa.

Publicity material is attached digitally to this email. Please make every effort to make this information available to those you think might benefit from WLT.

A small introductory video is also available for promotional purposes on the Institute’s website. Feel free to download and distribute it as you see fit from:

The dates for Gauteng: Lectures 4-6 July. The venue for the programme will be Lumko Institute, Benoni. Anyone

wishing to register for the Gauteng lectures can contact Ursula van Nierop at the Jesuit Institute or by calling 011 482-4237. Lumko has facilities for anyone wishing to stay there during the course.

If there is any further information you need please feel free to contact the Institute. We are hoping that this year’s series, dealing with an important and growing scourge in our country and urgently needing a pastoral response, will attract good attendance from all involved in pastoral ministry, schools, family ministry etc.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to hearing from you.

In the Lord,


Fr. Russell Pollitt, SJ



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