November: Reflection Eleven


“In a liturgical celebration every member of the assembly is involved. The baptismal priesthood is that of the whole body of Christ” (catechism 1188).

The year of Faith ends with the celebration of the feast of Christ the King on the 24 November 2013. It is appropriate to end these reflections too on a high note with a celebration of Jesus Christ, our King. We celebrate in the group who have been together and give thanks to God.

OPENING HYMN: Sing an appropriate hymn

GREETING: The Lord be with you.   R: And with your spirit.

Introduction:  When we are baptized we are anointed and sealed into the mission of Jesus, Priest, Prophet and King. That implies that every baptized person shares in the priestly, prophetic and kingly ministry of Jesus. Reflection five was about the priesthood of the laity, and seven was about sharing in the mission of Jesus. We end now with a reflection on the kingly mission of Jesus.

St. Peter said to the people “you are a holy nation, a royal priesthood, a people set apart” (! Peter 2:9)

What does a King do? He loves, defends, protects and guides his people by example

Read and reflect on the story.

John worked in a hospital as a porter. He loved his job. He loved helping people especially those who were nervous and apprehensive. One evening his colleague for the night shift came late because of a traffic accident and John only left the hospital at 11pm.  It took a long time to get a taxi and John only reached home around one.

As he came into his street he saw lights and people running. As he came closer he saw with a shock that it was his own house that was on fire. He jumped out of the taxi and saw his wife lying on the ground with people around her. She was screaming ”My child, my child”. John looked at the house. Smoke was pouring out of the roof and the doorway.  He didn’t hesitate. With a deep breath he ran into the house. In the dark he knew exactly where to go, down the passage to the child’s room. He rushed in. The room was thick with smoke but he knew exactly where the bed was. He felt in the bed. No child. He was choking with the smoke. He knelt on his knees, “O God,” he cried, “Where‘s my son”.

He groped on the floor. His hand touched the child, he grabbed it and turned towards the door. As it was full of flames he turned to where he knew the window was. Almost suffocating from the smoke but with the child in his arms he managed to push against the glass with his back and tumbled out through the broken window before collapsing. The firemen who had just arrived picked him and the child up, administered first aid and rushed them off to hospital. Fortunately both survived with only some scratches and minor burns.

Questions for reflection and action

Why did John rush into the burning house? What was in John’s mind as he heard his wife cry, “My child, my child”?

Can you see a connection between what John did and what Jesus did for us?

How can you exercise your kingly ministry in Jesus name?


The group may offer prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God for this time together over the past months and ask for God’s blessing on their own lives, their families and the members of the group and community.

End with a joyful hymn.

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