On The Fast Track To An AIDS Free Generation….

One would agree that war heroes are born not out of a normal situation of life but as victors of the monsters persecuting the society.  AIDS pandemic has been one of the merciless monster infecting unbearable pain in our societies.  We have seen our brothers and sisters terribly suffering, we have seen graveyards quickly expanding being filled with our fellows who have lost the battle against AIDS, we have witnessed the numbers of widows and widowers increasing, we have been struggling to find solution for high number of orphaned children, the families have been destroyed, stigma being part of life, others dying out of denial, victims flooding for treatment, churches and governments going all out to fight but with little progress, many people taking advantage of the sufferers, hot debates and condemnations, misconceptions etc. but all in the name of AIDS. Will it come to an end? Is AIDS free generation possible? Yes it is possible because “With God all things are possible.” Mk 10:27. Let us hold hands together and make sure the dream of AIDS free generation is realised soon.  http://www.sacbc.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/UNAIDS-and-PEPFAR-announce-dramatic-reductions-in-new-HIV-infections-among-children-in-the-21-countries-most-affected-by-HIV-in-Africa.docx

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