SACBC Communication and Media Office Updates 5th June, 2017


1. PENTECOST: SACBC would like to congratulate all the faithful of SACBC for receiving the power of the Holy Spirit during the Celebration of Pentecost yesterday. The Church calls upon all the people to use their different gifts and talents to help the Church grow strong in our region.

2. PENTECOST NOVENA: SACBC Communication Office also would like to congratulate all the faithful who managed to finish their Novena of the Holy Spirit, in preparation for the Celebration of Pentecost. Definitely, they have received the graces of the Holy Spirit. Many testimonies were expressed by those who attended the night vigil in preparation for Pentecost in St Albert Catholic Church in Voslo on Friday Night. We would like to thank Fr Smilo Mngadi and his organising team for that wonderful organisation, Fr Sakhi Mofokeng and others who were there support the occasion and draw God’s blessings. May God bless you all as you have already left the upper room to proclaim the Good News to others.

Pentecost was also celebrated in different dioceses of SACBC and the Church as a whole.

3. Catholic Women Association (CWA), under the patronage of the Holy Spirit, celebrated the day of Pentecost with a very high note, and during this there was a pinning of the new members in the association. We congratulate the new members of CWA for the commitment they have taken. May the Almighty God always help them to remain under the guidance of the same spirit as they continue to serve the Church of God. May they continue to grow strong in Faith and Wisdom of knowing God better.

4. LESOTHO ELECTIONS: We would like to thank all the people who have been praying for Lesotho during their elections on Saturday. Our SACBC Secretary General, Sr Hermenegild Makoro and Her Associate General Secretary, Fr Patrick Rakeketsi are still in Lesotho where they have been observing the elections. According to their latest update they confirmed that everything is going well so far. The counting of ballots will be probably completed today. We continue to pray for Peace and Stability in Lesotho as we wait for the outcome of elections, and we continue to pray for a positive outcome of elections.

5. SACBC HEAD OFFICE: Coming back home, SACBC, since last week welcomed the group of volunteers who are working with SACBC Aids Office to capture the data of the projects under the office. They will complete their work during the upcoming Friday.

6. BLESSED BENEDICT DASWA: Sr Claudette Hoisan who has been responsible for promoting the Course for Canonization for Our Own Blessed Benedict Daswa, will be leaving South Africa very soon, going back to her country to continue service to her congregation. Sr Claudette has already been replaced by another sister. The office will give you the name soon. We sincerely thank Sr Claudette for the wonderful work she has done for the Church in our Region.

7. SACBC AIDS OFFICE: There are some new faces in the SACBC Aids Office, Including the New Aids Office Director after the departure of Sr Alison who has been the Director of the Office for 17 years. I will let you know about them in a due time.

8. JUSTICE AND PEACE during the past days was in the Diocese of Klerksdorp to follow up on their different projects including Mobile Clinics and Working with the Taverns to promote quality fatherhood, fight against the culture of violence and other related social problems.

9. THE DEPARTMENT OF CHRISTIAN FORMATION, LITURGY AND CULTURE was also in the Diocese of Klerksdorp for conducting workshops for the priests, deacons and the lay faithful of the diocese on: SACBC Sunday Celebration in the Absence of a Priest and a simple right for the distribution of Holy Communion.

10. CATHOLIC ENGAGED ENCOUNTER Team (CEE) had organized weekend program with engaged couples who will be tying the knot soon. The programs are meant to lay a strong foundation for quality and better marriages in our society. All the people who are preparing themselves to get into marriage are strongly encouraged to undergo the program or other programs of the same nature under the Church. There are also programs organized under the church to accompany those who are already in the marriage life. We are also invited to continue praying for quality marriages in our society and the Church. Please if you know any couple preparing themselves for marriage encourage them to undergo this program of CEE. You can contact SACBC Communication Office for more information about CEE and other related programs. (Fr Paul: 0123236458).

11. JOINT WITNESS: It is the plenary session where SACBC (Southern Africa Catholic Bishops’ Conference) and LCCL (Leadership Conference of Consecrated Life) come together to discuss the issues that affect the development of the Church in our region. The Plenary will be held in July. Let us continue praying for the leadership of the local church.

12. SACBC AUGUST PLENARY: In August the SACBC Plenary will take place in Mariann Hill in Natal.

13. SACBC ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC TERTIARY STUDENTS (ACTS) will hold their annual conference in Mafikeng from the 25th June 2017. All members of ACTS are invited to be part of the conference.

14. SACBC MINI WORLD YOUTH DAY will take place in Durban from 3 – 10th December in the Archdiocese of Durban. Registration has started in different Clusters and Dioceses. All the Youth are encouraged to be part of the occasion. It is also the preparation of World Youth Day in Panama in 2019. Contact the leadership of Youth Desk in your diocese for registration. For more information you can contact Fr Mthembeni Dlamini through your leadership: 0123236458.

15. JUNE 16th 2017 will be celebrated in different dioceses and clusters throughout the country. For more information contact your diocesan leadership. The Archdiocese of Pretoria will be celebrating it at Pretoria North in Bertoni Centre. Be there to witness how the youth do it.

By SACBC Communication and Media Office: 0123236458

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