SACBC Justice and Peace Commission Asks The Presidency To Downsize The Cabinet


Bishop Abel Gabuza

Bishop Abel Gabuza of SACBC Justice & Peace Commission


As the finance minister prepares to deliver his Medium Term Budget Policy Statement on Wednesday, we ask the presidency to consider downsizing the bloated cabinet and use the money to contribute to the realization of free tertiary education for the poor and other programs that can improve the lives of the poor.

We find it difficult to see the ethical justification for a bloated cabinet with 35 ministers and 38 deputy ministers, with the salaries, VIP protection and benefits amounting to millions of rands per year.

During these difficult economic times, while thousands of our people are struggling to make ends meet, the presidency needs to justify to its people why we have one of the biggest cabinets in the world.

We therefore ask the presidency to urgently conduct studies on how other countries in the world, including leading economies, have managed to use a lean cabinet to achieve higher level of performance and efficiency.

We remind our political leaders that, from an ethical perspective, bloating the cabinet is another form of political corruption and theft from the poor, especially if it is possible for our country to achieve the current developmental objectives with a smaller cabinet.

We believe that cabinet posts and public offices should be used as instruments to serve the interests of the common good.   Care should therefore be taken that we do not degenerate into a country where the size of a cabinet is solely determined by political expediency and efforts to purchase and reward political loyalty.

What we expect in a cabinet is not quantity, but quality and greater levels of executive accountability to the poor and to the parliament.

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