SACBC Organises Blessed Benedict Daswa Pilgrimages to Tshitanini

Blessed Benedict Daswa – Pray for us

All Catholic Men and Women you are requested to pay attention to the following logistics, as you continue to prepare yourselves for Blessed Benedict Daswa Pilgrimage to Tshitanini. Don’t forget to invite others to this journey of faith. Encourage even those who are not members of any sodality to be part of this journey. Through the prayers of Blessed Benedict Daswa Our Own we believe God will answer our prayers.  Don’t forget in your prayers as well to pray for rain in our land, especially remembering the people of Cape Town who are undergoing a serious challenge of water shortage because of lack of rain. We all need rain.MEN AND WOMEN PILGRIMAGES TO DASWA LENT 2018

As we might be aware, the SACBC is organising Lenten Pilgrimages for MEN and another for WOMEN, the dates for which are 10 – 11 March (Men) and 17 – 18 March 2018 (Women).

The logistical arrangements for these are:

  •  Gather yourselves into groups, be it parish, sodality, prayer groups, etc.
    Get yourselves a quotation for a transport fit for the number of people you may have.
    Pay for that transport.
  •  Keep interceding for the Pilgrimage. Many have gone through the Novena which ends today,
    30 January 2018. You may say general and personal prayers too, with special intentions for the family, or any.
  •  Be sure to arrive in Tshitanini at 16:00, on the 10th, for men, and 17th for women.
    Wear comfortable shoes as we will be following after the footsteps of Blessed Daswa, to the point in which he was murdered.
  •  Bring something warm for the night.
  • A program will be drawn, it will include among other things, prayers, spiritual and motivational talks by priests and those nominated to do so, ending with the Holy Mass in the morning.
  •  Bring your pen, paper, rosary and the Bible.
  •  Always be in a prayerful mood, do not be loud. Maintain your focus.
  • No need for hotel reservations, unless it will be for freshening up before and after the event.
  • If you have a coordinator for your group, please share his/her contact particulars with us, especially their Whatsapp Numbers.


  •  Carry a light meal, something which will not prevent you from achieving what you will be there for. Always remember that you need to empty yourself, for the Holy Spirit to find its way inside you.
  • The Pilgrimage will be led by Fr. Sakhi Mofokeng and other priests.
    With the support of the SACBC Marriage and Family Life Office team.

Your contact persons are:
Men : Ali (0824906346)
Women: Iggy or Ntsako (0780883799)
Blessed Benedict Daswa pray for us.

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