St Augustine to Introduce New BCom (PPE) Degree. Don’t Waste Time, It Is For You

St Augustine to introduce a BCom (PPE) degree in 2018

St Augustine College of South Africa ( is to introduce a Bachelor of Commerce (PPE) degree in 2018. The degree will be offered on a full-time (three years) and part-time (six years) basis.

All students registered for the Bachelor of Commerce (PPE) will major in Economics, with a second major in either Philosophy or Politics. The curriculum includes a number of compulsory subjects. In the first year, modules in Academic Development and Research Skills assist students with developing their reading, writing and communication skills, and, in the third year, two modules are devoted to a research project. Three modules in the first and second years provide students with opportunity to explore topics that are fundamental to the ethos of St Augustine (Philosophy of the Human Person, Introduction to Ethics, and Introduction to Catholic Social Thought). Additional compulsory subjects include Mathematics, Statistics and Accounting; elective subjects include Business Management and Law. The curriculum allows for a possible third major (in either Philosophy or Politics, Business Management, Law and Mathematics).

Apart from acquiring subject content knowledge, the multidisciplinary nature of the qualification prepares graduates for a range of careers that require critical thinking, logical reasoning, and a solid foundation in commercial literary and numeracy.

In addition to the Bachelor of Commerce (PPE), St Augustine already offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) degrees at the undergraduate level and a range of postgraduate qualifications from the honours through to the doctorate (in Theology, Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Education and Peace Studies).

Founded in 1999, St Augustine is a private, Catholic, tertiary academic institution situated in Victory Park, Johannesburg. (Although a ‘university’ in all senses of the word, current legislation prevents it – and other private tertiary institutions – from calling itself such.) All of St Augustine’s degree offerings are recognised and accredited by the relevant branches of South Africa’s Department of Higher Education and Training. To the benefit of its students, St Augustine is a member of a global network of Catholic universities, many of which are amongst the most highly ranked universities in the world.


For further information please contact:

Name: Professor Garth ABRAHAM

Designation: President

St Augustine College of South Africa

Tel: 011-380-9030

Cell: 076 440 0661


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