The Icon of mercy to be Canonised…

A long awaiting has come to an end.  The Blessed Mother Teresa, known as Mother Teresa of Calcutta will be soon ascended into Sainthood by His Holiness Pope Francis after long time of anticipation about her Canonisation.  The occasion will take place in Rome on the 4th September 2016.  Mother Teresa offered her life totally to God in the service of the poor.  She surrounded herself with those who were ready to leave everything and advance the Kingdom of God among the poor and the marginalised.  The aroma of her merciful actions among the poor was not confined within the demarcations of Calcutta but spread throughout the world after she was inspired by the Spirit of God to start the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity.  As the Catholic Church and the people of South Africa we share in this special scent of mercy extended to us from Mother Teresa by enjoying the presence of the Missionaries of Charity in our midst.

In this year of Mercy let us join hands together with the Missionaries of Charity so that the mercy of God we have received from God through Jesus Christ may be extended to all the people who need our mercy and healing attention, such as: the victims of HIV/AIDS, the poor, the refugees, the drug addicts, etc….docx

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